Find a new perspective, a moment of humor, and just maybe, a way to survive.


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Thank you SO much for sharing your experience. I am knee deep in this. I just sent this link to my husband’s kids & my support group coordinator. Grateful beyond words to you.

Gracefully honest

Love listening to the stories she shares- experiences of loss, love, grief, validation, worry, sadness, and peace. reminder that caregivers must be caretakers of their own health and well-being! Inspirational at the core.

On The Road Again

My intention is to take this full journey with Zita. Her words are clear, revealing, and true to the bone. As a daughter to a mom, who I struggled over her care with one brother and her sisters, dear aunts of mine, and the sister held-at-bay from her older "hero" brother who suffered with early Alzheimers in the care of his spouse, I realize from Zita's first entry there are wounds to still be healed. I practice Ho'oponopono, the Hawaian forgiveness ritual on them and am adding Zita's "Resiliance" to the increased water intake I do now. I am so grateful to Zita for speaking of all the wide-reaching dimentions of this disease, far beyond the patient themselves. Also as a non-Alzheimers spouse, whom I have shared a long history of caregiving, ranging from slight to near the edge of overbearing, I know I will explore the familiarites I am sure I will find in Zita's words. We share a love and a bond for words and the telling of heart-led stories.

Compassion and Care

Listen to one woman’s account of her caregiving journey, from the shock of the first diagnosis of her spouse’s progressive dementia, to the frank discussion of how the disease has changed not only him, but her, and the landscape of their lives. Honest, and sure to help anyone faced with the reality of a loved one who has dementia.

Heart and Soul

Zita shares her journey with such admirable authenticity that even if her situation is not yours, you will be able to relate and grow in compassion and understanding for the human condition.

You are not alone 💕

A voice of truth: kind, patient, loving, frustrated, insightful, sometimes painful and always beautiful. While your spouse may not remember, you will. I really enjoyed this and am very much looking forward to more episodes!